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Cipla New Ventures

The pharmaceutical world is seeing significant shifts — towards biology-based medicine; towards finding new value in old drugs, with blockbuster research output dwindling; and towards prevention, wellness and self-care. Cipla launched Cipla New Ventures (CNV) last year, as its impact investment arm, to nurture and build innovation-led business streams for Cipla, distinct from the mainstream business of today and tomorrow.

Incubators of Growth

CNV has, over the past year, built up four independent and strong business streams, putting in place specific capabilities and technologies while building a clear roadmap for each business. Ranging across diverse and promising areas such as biologicals, small-molecule innovation, consumer healthcare, and regenerative medicine, CNV’s investments are poised to shape the future of Cipla.

Cipla BioTec – Driving disruptive impact in Biologics

Earlier this year Meditab Specialities Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company acquired 75% stake in Mabpharm Private Limited (‘Mabpharm’). Mabpharm has now become a 100% subsidiary of the Company. Cipla BioTec (formerly Mabpharm) focuses on research, development, manufacturing and marketing of biosimilars, in the fields of cancer, auto-immune diseases, respiratory diseases and diabetes. Through innovative technology and go-to-market solutions, it aims to create a transformational impact in the way these medicines are used.

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CipTec Discovery Engine – the small-molecule innovation engine – finds new value in old drugs

Cipla believes that the potential of currently used drugs is not fully exploited, and with smart delivery technology and modern repurposing tools available today, new value can be created that will enhance the patient experience. Towards this, the CipTec Discovery Engine (DE) was envisaged as the small-molecule innovation engine of Cipla. Today, the CipTec DE pipeline consists of exciting early stage ideas in Central Nervous System (CNS) and oncology therapies, including a strategic investment in the US-based R&D Company, Chase Pharmaceuticals during the previous year. Chase Pharmaceuticals has two lead assets in the pipeline for the treatment of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, of which the first, CPC-201, has progressed to Phase II trials which are expected to be completed over the following year. CipTec continues to focus on developing and extending its pipeline, partnering with other innovators on medically and commercially attractive opportunities.

Cipla Consumer Healthcare – a Cipla initiative towards improving the lives of Indian consumers

Through Cipla Consumer Healthcare (CHC), Cipla has entered the rapidly growing over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare market in India. The vision is to improve the lives of Indian consumers, making full use of Cipla’s strengths in bringing good science to good medicine, while also leveraging its market outreach and equity with the Indian healthcare system. The business will focus on opportunities arising from the shift towards wellness and self-care.

Stempeutics – a first in innovative regenerative medicine in India

Stempeutics Research is a group company of Manipal Education and Medical Group and a Joint Venture with Cipla Group. This year, Stempeutics Research, got its novel pool technology patent granted in the USA as well as an Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (‘ATMP’) classification from the European Medicines Agency for its lead product, Stempeucel, for the treatment of various indications including Buerger’s disease, critical limb ischemia and osteoarthritis. Stempeutics has also received its first commercial approval for Stempeucare - for cosmetic applications in India.

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